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Back to work after last weeks AGI conference and this week brings a range of thoughts on creating cities and visualising urban form.

We will be posting some more Google Earth Panoramas shortly as well as a quick and easy way to create clouds in Photoshop. Also later today, if we get the time, there will be a post on PixelArt and cities, an intriguing way to draw and visualise urban form in MSPaint.

Later this week we are at a conference on Grid Computing to look at batch rendering for city visualisation and simple ways to visualise data in Google Maps. At CASA we have produced a demo of visualising GPS data in both Google Maps and Google Earth simultaneously complete with animation. We should be able to get the demo up later this week.

Finally a free piece of software to convert ESRI .shp files to Google Maps is in the pipeline from CASA and we will run a preview on this as soon as we can.

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