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Google has just released SketchUp Pro version 6. Sketchup is by far our favaourite peice of software to date and is the only design tool which we can clearly say is a joy to use. Version 6 has a numbe rof new features, including:

  • Photo Match – Use photos to build accurate 3D models much more easily than starting from scratch.
  • Styles – Personalize your model by creating your own Style with the new display settings, Sketchy Effects and Watermarks.
  • Sketchy Effects – Renders edges to look as if they were drawn by hand. Choose from a variety of line strokes such as Graphite on Bond, Loose Marker and Shakey Pen.
  • Watermarks – Place 2D images behind or in front of models.
  • Fog – Adds atmospheric haze and a sense of depth to your model.
  • 3D Text – Create signs and letters and choose from simple outlines, filled surfaces, and fully extruded 3D text.

You can learn more about the new features in SketchUp Pro 6 as well as taking a look at the new video tutorials. At the moment the SketchUp site seems to be offline but as soon its back we look forward to giving the new features a spin.

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