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We have run through the process and it will take no more than 5 minutes to place a immersive panoramic sphere into Google Earth. The tutorial should take in no more than 3 simple steps and will (fingers crossed) be available on Monday. If your new to this, and many people will be as it doesn’t seem to of been picked up by the Google Earth community at the moment (i think its kind of neat personally (?)) then the two preview movies are below..

Panoramas Embeded within a Building

General Concept

It will also of course be free as its just a concept and that what this blogs all about.. sharing concepts and ideas.


  • Anonymous says:

    trust me, it’s being watched and awaited, plus questions, will source code be available?, can other immersive 360s be converted? etc etc

  • Noel Jenkins says:

    Yes – agree with above. I’ve been checking daily!

    I too would like to know whether panoramas from web pages can be used inside the viewer. I’m guessing not

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