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At IMAGINA in Monaco our eyes were drawn over to the IMAGTP stand showing the results of their partnership with Crytek. Using the new Crytek ‘CryEngine 2’ it is possible to run real-time shadow analysis and lighting simulations.

The two movies below illustrate the use of the new engine, the results and aim are similar to our work using the Oblivion Engine – you can see examples in the Game Engines Thread – but with a $10,000 dollar price age compared to our $20.

With the increase in computing power it is now becoming possible to carry out simulations in realtime on PC’s which were once limited to high end virtual reality suites. Interesting time ahead and times which move the emphasis increasingly towards photorealisic imaging and thus research on the rapid capture of city models.

After all if you have a realtime engine you need increasingly realitisic models to put in it…


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