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In a follow up to our original post on the CryEngine 2 for architectural visualisation we have a movie update:

Of note is the realtime ambient maps demo – we know that criticism of 3D Max is frowned upon in many circles but can you imagine how long such a scene would take to render? To be able to do this in realtime via a game engine is enticing and it makes us wonder why more 3D modelling software, such as 3DMax, don’t have better realtime tools built in.

To see more on this and our realtime Oblivion movies take a look at the Game Engine Thread.

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  • Anonymous says:


    Very compliment to Crytek for the demo. It is a very good example.
    When a war would be needed… we’ll choose their software. I hope nobody wants to apply what showed.

    I suggest Crytek to drop that video and to insert, instead, a more quiet images, showing a WindMill for electric power production, for the peace.

    Best regards


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