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Embedding My Maps into blogger has taken a couple of weeks for various services to iron out but it now seems possible, complete with sidebar, icons and embedded video.

The map above was created using firstly Google My Maps and then embedded using the script service at My Maps Plus. The benefit of My Maps Plus is the ability to customise the look of your map and the elements you want to include.

Embedding your map into Blogger, or any website, is easy – you simple copy your Google My Maps KML link and then choose various display options. My Maps Plus then creates a script that you cut and paste into your page.

We will be working on a permanent map for the side bar, but for now the map above contains Video on the ‘Audio and Perception of Urban Space’ link, our current location, recent travels and Geolocated photographs using the Nokia N95.

Double click to zoom in and out/ double click and drag to pan.

Sure its a little squashed on the page but i think its usable…?


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