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Another in our series of posts on the new cities released in Virtual Earth. The movie below focuses on Buffalo.

The fact that the video could be mistaken for helicopter footage is testament to the quality of the 3D modelling now emerging within Virtual Earth.

To take a look yourself go to

Music by Remergence


  • VRDundee says:

    Thanks for the post. That’s amazing VRvideo. All we need now is a dive into the scene with VR nodes on the ground and inside buildings. Awesome.

  • Thorus says:

    Yeps, its AWESOME =)

    I just wanted to download Virtual Earth now, but sadly enough, its not working without SP 2, and anyone convinced me to not install SP 2 ..

    Now Im wondering =)

  • Andy says:

    I think SP2 is fine to be honest.. go ahead and install it 🙂


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