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Not to be confused with our Google Earth Panorama Viewer – which allows you to view panoramas inside of Google Earth – we present another panorama created from Google Earth (its confusing i know!).

This time we feature Hamburg by Bernd Dohrmann, created using our Panorama Tutorial for Google Earth Bernd has created an impressive view from 3000 metres above the city.

Ed Parsons the Geospatial Technologist at Google mentioned these panoramas in a mini write up on digital urban recently. Indeed it turns out our London panorama is now part of his Mac Desktop, see our Google Earth Panoramas Thread for a full list which includes London, New York, Moscow, Belgium, Paris, Sydney and The Desolation Wilderness.

We note Ed’s words – ‘These images really are things of beauty. Gentle reminder though guys… You should not strip the Goggle logo off the images !!!’ and are working on a way to keep the copyright intact as to be honest its a good point and one that has been on our minds for a while.

View the Hamburg Panorama in Quicktime VR.


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