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Social Networks are the current hot topic with sites such as FaceBook, My Space and Friendster to name but 3 of the 100 + notable networks competing for users. The unique selling point of the latest site on the block -My Mini Life – is its ability to embed your information within both blogs and other network sites as well as the introduction of ‘Sims-esk’ 3D.

Using simple tools you can add walls, doors and structural detail to your own space and then furnish it according to a number of supplied objects. In essence it is possible to create your own architecture, albeit in a simple form. As such it is interesting to explore the types of spaces the ever growing number of users create.

We have embedded below our first space within My Mini Life, simple click to visit:

The ability to build, chat and embed architectural spaces in a blog is intriguing…

Visit My Mini Life for more info and to register – creating a space is free.

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