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Zaha Hadid has been granted planning permission on her 900m² project at Hoxton Square in London. Flanked each side by listed buildings the development stands to make a bold addition to the square.

The movie below, posted by RoveTv to YouTube gives a visual insight into the building:

Providing an overview of the project as well as a internal tour the render is a good example of simple understated visualisation.


  • Dr. YSG says:

    Nice visualization. But reminds me the of the school of architcure that considers themselves more scupltors of large 3D art, than creators of functional space.

  • Andy says:

    Its a valid comment.. i have lost count of the number of times i have seen an architects vision that is never going to be be practical or functional in the real world.

    Now thats not a bad thing.. artistic impression is important.

    It does make me wonder however why where there is all this talent in architecture the majority of homes/buildings are drab and unimaginative.

    Only a very few buildings are notable. I dont think they should be placed next to listed buildings – as in the Zaha case, but thats just my view on that one case in point.

  • Anonymous says:

    Again will it work as a functional space, i have never been to a Zaha building, the topography of her spaces are visually appealing but whether she is truely understanding the function of a space through means of 3d visualisations is also important to understand.

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