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Town Market Square

Dawid Gorny of “ has uploaded over 30 images to our digital urban flickr group. Taken in and around the town of Gostyn in Poland Dawid captures his images using using Canon 400D camera with 18-55mm kit lens – for High Dynamic Range images this requires over 90 photographs.

Dawid’s site is well worth a look due to both the high quality of the images and the sense of place gained by viewing the images and the map.

Using the very easy to use script from Pictobrowser you can embed the Digital Urban Flickr group – or any Flickr set – in a webpage or blog:

Its easy to join the group, simply login or set up a Flickr account and click here to join the Digital Urban Group. To embed a Flickr group in a webpage or blog simply go to Pictobrowser and follow the simple instructions.


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