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SketchUp is obviously well suited to urban planning and urban design studies. The movie below, posted by JeremyNicholls, details the town of Cobourg in Canada through their digital imagery project.

Using a mix of the ‘classic’ SketchUp look combined with photographic facades the project illustrates how quick changes can be made to the model providing an overall look into the future of the town.

We can’t quite make our minds up if the voiceover is real or virtual…(?)


  • atomek says:

    in my opinion it a real voiceover- you can repeatedly hear the woman taking a deep breath before she starts to speak.
    I found that presentation really interesting, gave me few ideas on making one by myself, though the scenes lack any DEM data which is crucial in, for example, mentioned analyzing sightlines.

  • Its a really great stuff and atomek’s Opinion is good i am agree with him…

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