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Google have updated their maps API to include Geocoding of UK Addresses and Postcodes. This is of interest as previously the ability to link location to postcodes was restricted by the Post Office who hold the data.

The announcement by Google in full below:

“We’re quite proud that the Google Maps API community is an active bunch in Europe, and particularly, the United Kingdom. To thank all those enthusiastic developers in the UK, we’re happy to announce that the Maps API geocoder now supports address geocoding for United Kingdom addresses. I can now geocode all the places I’ve visited recently: London, Salisbury Castle, Ipswich, Box Hill, Stonehenge, and my relatives’ house in Cambridge (not telling the address!). Try it out with your favorite UK addresses or places below:”

“Developers should be aware that the API geocoder is not using the same resources as and may not return the same results. You should also know that neither of the geocoders will help you locate the “loch ness monster.” Sorry, Google can’t do everything (yet).” 🙂

See the Google Maps API blog for the announcement.

Thanks to Gareth for the tip..


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