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Embedded below is a map of Second Life – you can zoom in and out as well as scroll in a similar manner to Google Maps:

Note – there currently seems to be an error with viewing the map using IE 7 we are working to fix this.

Taking some time to pan and zoom around the map reveals ‘satellite’ writing whereby users have claimed large sections of land and shaded it so it appears on the world map.

This post is a quick sample to test the embedding of Second Life maps into Blogger. We will be covering more on ‘Mapping Second Life’ in the coming weeks to take a look at the unique human and ‘human physical’ geography of the virtual world.

View the map full screen

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  • Nice to see some informed attention paid to Second Life Geography.

    For other efforts, see my video blog on youTube under my user name “mageEgo”, called “Second Life Geography – An Overview”. Also, just before encountering your web site I published a text on one of my blog sites called “A Second Look at Second Life Geography” (see “”). As a GIS/geomatics expert myself, I find the geography of a virtual space an irresistable subject!

    Note also Mappa Novus efforts to develop interesting maps of Second Life (see “” for their web site). They provide a lot of their base maps free of charge, it’s only the maps involving extensive analysis of Second Life demographics that they charge for, and the rates don’t seem to be very high.

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