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Normally our Cities in Games thread concentrates on real world cities. This post is a slight departure to that rule as the City of Midgar forms part of the Final Fantasy series.

Final Fantasy developed as a role playing game in 1987 by Square Co., Ltd. for the Nintendo Entertainment System. To date there are 28 games in the series and it has become one of the most renowned role playing games on both console and PC.

In 2005 ‘Advent Children’ was released a CGI film directed by Tetsuya Nomura, based on Final Fantasy VII, released in 1997. The CGI is unique in its style and in some way links in with our Steampunk post on architectural visualisation. Central to the film and the Final Fantasy series is the city of Midgar as the fan created movie below illustrates:

Set to the soundtrack ‘Big City Life’ by Mattafixthe movie provides a good illustration of the high production quality and the architectural style of the city.

Thanks go to Atomek for suggesting looking up Midgar…

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