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Since the arrival of Google Earth a lot of our work has been focused on the geographic and photorealistic representation of the city. With a Geographical Information System (GIS) you can easily overlay data and communicate issues to the public at large.

An example of this is our air pollution movie below –

While such views of the city undoubtedly communicate space and place a constant emphasis on aerial photographs can become slightly dry. As such our look at the 3D London Underground map has led to a new look at iconic images to communicate locational and spatial data:

The image above represents our first thoughts (click for a larger view) – its a Friday thing…

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  • steve says:

    You should do all your thinking on Fridays and leave the rest of the week to doing the work.

    I love that 3d version of the Underground. The smooth pipe look is amazing, and stripping away the ground really gives a sense of shape.

    More of this please! But don’t think about this comment until next Friday. 🙂

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