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Devices based on touch are becoming increasingly common and are currently deemed to usher in a new type of interface. Google Earth is a natural software product to be adapted for multi touch but is 3D architectural modelling? In the YouTube movie below Architect Doug Look from Autodesk Labs experiments with Autodesk’s design software on a Multi-Touch Wall device:

The wall is an input device produced by Perceptive Pixel and invented by researcher and (TED conference luminary) Jeff Han. Autodesk Labs believes multi-touch human-computer interfaces may dramatically change how products, infrastructure, and buildings are designed.

The second movie below illustrates more of the concept and applications behind Perceptive Pixel:

We kind of want one…


  • atomek says:

    i wonder how long can one work with his hands on such big input panel. in my opinion this could be exhausting, it requires a lot of moving. i think its very energy (for a human being) and space consuming. of course i can be totally wrong because i never tried working with anything like that.

  • Mykie says:

    i think you are basing your comments on this interface at one particular scale. this could quite easily become wall sized our handheld, i.e. iphone. the important things to note are first, its intuitive interface, and in my opinion more importantly, the allowance for collaboration on one display/project etc. personally, i can’t wait for this to reach a practical consumer market. if you can’t wait, a few technocrats out there have managed to construct similar ui’s for a few hundred dollars.

  • it’s i want such thing at home!

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