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For those interested we are now blogging on various topics over at the Nature Network.

The first post regards the feedback and thoughts from colleagues while posting on Digital Urban – its not all been positive.

You can read the post here.

As for this blog, nothing changes indeed tomorrow we have the full story on Ordnance Survey and Google with regards our Virtual London model.

Its a good one…

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  • asolitarywave says:

    This blog is great for me, as an interested reader, and much more useful than ‘academic’ articles. Firstly, I can get timely updates – the peer review process means things are old hat by the time they are published. Secondly, it’s in bite sized chunks. Thirdly, I don’t have to be part of an institution that subscribes to a periodical to read the content and fourthly the content can be more varied, and occasionally less serious than would be possible in a more formal context. Keep it up, regardless of what they say!

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