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Our Google Map Creator here at CASA was developed by Richard Milton as part of our GeoVue project. Taking this a stage further we are midway through development of our Google Earth Creator based on the same ideals of a freely available simple toolset to import .shp files without have to go through the usual ESRI route.

The movie below details London Population data as visualised in our previous post on Data Visualisation using SketchUp. Midway through the movie we illustrate dynamically changing the data heights using the standard Google Earth toolset:

Various datasets can up uploaded and linked to attributes, the image below represents Global Gross Domestic Product.

Finally, there are increasingly various ways to visualise data via the web and virtual environments. Pictured below is the same data mapped onto a sphere in Second Life:

See our posts on Second Life for more info.

Google Earth Creator is expected to be released in September…

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