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A while ago we did a ‘how to‘ on embedding Google My Maps into blog posts using the script service at My Maps Plus. There is now a second option using the beta map generator from TakItWithMe.

The process is simplicity itself, you merely copy your My Maps URL and paste it into the required entry box on the TakItWithMe site. Once entered you are provided with iframe code to embed in any blog post or web site as per below:

Functionality is maintained within the map – see our ‘Audio and Perception of Urban Space’ by clicking on the video camera icon. There is more info on the video and other examples via our main post on Aural Architecture and Ipod Space.

The benefits of theMyMapsPlus route is the inclusion of sidebar from MyMaps which is admittedly preferable, however for simple ease of use TakItWithMe is well worth a look.

Thanks to the Ogle Earth blog where we first picked this up.

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