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Pictured right is the Triops a concept panoramic camera featuring three integrated fisheye lenses.

Designed by Franziska Faoro the camera can take images while being thrown, suspended or just being placed in an unusual location.

The Triops captures the moment by responding to sound or movement, or by reacting to the manually operated release. Sequentially taken photographs are possible as well as 360 degree panorama images – and this is the interesting feature as it should allow quick and easy panoramas to be captured.

There are currently few details on resolution but the concept is similar in some ways to the Bubblescope that we reported on a few months back.

All working parts are integrated in the robust casing and can be operated easily and intuitively. Pictures can be wirelessly transmitted to a separate display unit for display. This unit functions as a processing and storage device and the camera‘s charging station.

Take a look at Franziska’s page for full details and images.

Picked up via Engadget.


  • atomek says:

    seems like its going to produce better results than bubblescope. apart from fixing the distortion given by one huge lens in bubllescope, resulotion may be higher thanks to 3 capturing eyes.
    hope you keep your eye on (if ever) upcomming details and pricing.

  • Triops seem to be even more fun than the Bubblescope. Not that it matters, i’ll have both! I did enjoy the presentation of Franziska a lot. If i would have the money and the knowledge, i’d immediately have it built.
    I’m very curious when (if) they are going to hit the market.

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