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3D printing is the logical next step on from rendered movies for many developers and architects. Prices have fallen in recent years making owning a 3D printer or using an outside service provider a viable option even with small scale developments.

While we focus mainly on digital rendering and distribution in the blog we do have to admit there is something about a physical model of a development.

Explaining the concept of 3D printing and the quality of output is always tricky without actually seeing the product, luckily Lee and Jake at Sweet Onions Creations have placed a complete overview of the process on YouTube:

The latest 3D printers from Z Corporation are well worth a look as are the print services direct from Sweet Onion Creations.


  • Christopher says:

    Have you heard about the reprap project for an open source 3D printer? The prices of 3D printing are obviously falling but the idea of a £300 open source device that replicates itself is very cool.

  • I am with you Christopher.. I love the idea of the open source movement grabbing this market by the horns. Granted, commercial 3D printers are now at a price point that small architectural firms can purchase them.. but image what might happen when the 3D printer is as ubiquitous as the inkjet printer? Can you imagine 10 year olds building objects for art class?

    Reprap or not, I can’t wait to be able to afford a printer with a paycheque or to.

  • Andy says:


    We have been following the open source version for some time and its looking promising.

    As Greg says when the 3D printer is as ubiquitous as the inkjet then 3D model printing will be just part of everyday life.

    Indeed perhaps the new file sharing issue will be design’s to print out house hold objects, furniture etc…

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