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Importing physical terrain data into Second Life is one of our goals as it allows ‘table top’ models of the earths physical geography to be viewed and discussed within a collaborative environment. It turns out the process is relatively easy with our first tests of a real terrain in Thailand and a made up terrain out of Terragen working well.

The image above (click for a larger version) is a 512×512 metre section reduced down for easy viewing, close up views can be obtained using the ‘zoom’ tool.

It is still work in progress but if anyone is interested we can put up a work flow once its refined.

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  • christen says:

    I’m very curious about your workflow to accomplish this terrain visualization. I’ve played with Terragen a little, but never thought to use it to create something that could be imported into SL. I’d love to try putting together a small portion of the Alaska Range.

  • royce says:

    Hey there, I would also like to see the Terragen to SL workflow. Have you made any progress on this?

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