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The latest addition to the digital urban reader contributed book on the Worlds Worst Urban Places and Spaces comes from Dawid Gorny who has recently moved to Cheltenham Spa.

Wikipedia describes Cheltenham as a large spa town and borough in Gloucestershire, England, near Gloucester and Cirencester. The town has a population of 110,013 (2001 census) and the people of the town are known as “Cheltonians“. The town motto is: Salubritas et Eruditio (“Health and Education”).

The town is located on the edge of the Cotswolds and has an image of being respectable and wealthy. Cheltenham has been a health and holiday spa town resort since the discovery of mineral springs there in 1716. The town is famous for its Regency architecture and is said to be “the most complete regency town in England”. The small River Chelt flows under and through the town.

Too quote Dawid:

‘I took this photo in Cheltenham on a bridge on Tewkesbury Road. Depicting a subway path under this bridge of note is the sign telling you that it is open to public but it isn’t and has been closed since I live in Cheltenham. I think it’s such a waste of space when it’s not open and there is no zebra crossing on the bridge instead so you have to pass all the way to cross a road’

It is these small overlooked parts of our urban environments that add up to create a grim and to be honest slightly down heartening scene. The photograph is well worth viewing at full size via Flickr as you can start to appreciate why Dawid sent it in.

If you would like to contribute it is easy, simply go out into your local urban environment and photograph anything that you think is an example of poor architecture, urban design or use of space. It could be a photograph of a run down phonebox or a disused building, perhaps a concrete monstrosity from the 1970’s or anything that you think fits.

Once you have your photograph, at as high a resolution as possible, you can simply upload it to our newly created group on Flickr, Worlds Worst Urban Spaces and Place including a description of between 100 and 250 words.

Its as simple as that, see our previous post for full details on the book and how to take part.

A full archive is kept at the Worlds Worst Urban Spaces and Places blog (note this will take shape over the coming weeks as content is sent in via Flickr)

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