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As an update to our previous post on the Second Life beta using the WindLight atmosphere rendering system we thought it would be worth posting a movie.

The difficult part of capturing movies in Second Life is the navigation, especially when concentrating on the water or the sky to display the new atmospheric system. As such it was well timed to be able to use the SpaceNavigator in Second Life under their debug mode.

The SpaceNavigator is traditionally aimed at Google Earth, SketchUp, 3D Max etc so it is refreshing to use it in conjunction with Second Life, in many ways it adds a new way to view the virtual world:

Note the water reflections and notable improvements to the lighting and sky renderings using the WindLight viewer.

The beta viewer is well worth a download the latest version is available from here.

You can find out more details and purchase a SpaceNavigator from the makers – 3D Connexion

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