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Now we have a route from ESRI’s ArcMap into Second Life it opens up all sorts of possibilities for importing geographical data into an environment that is ripe for public participation and collaboration type outreach activities.

The movie below details various population data sets displayed per London Borough, it is still beta but we think it shows potential:

Music by New Inception

If you have Second Life installed you can visit us by clicking here – you will get a red arrow pointing skywards, simply fly up to our section of Second Nature island.

If you do not have Second Life then we thoroughly recommend downloading and popping by for a visit.


  • Andy Turner says:

    I can see this has potential for some things, but for data visualisation for analysis it is a bit like watching the plotter at work when your really interested in the map.

  • chauncey g says:

    Gosh, i guess i expected “geographic data” to mean that one could play GrandTheftAuto-secondlife_google-earth-dungeons-and dragons-and see the price of gas, ammo and hookers go down with ones’s displacement from the urban core…and up again in the exurbs…cute music though!!

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