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It is interesting to see how close the Edushi (short for ECity in Chinese and pictured above) maps that we recently covered are to Sim City, see ‘ – Possibly the Best City Maps in the World?

The movie below illustrates a detailed reconstruction of New York in Sim City 4 by way of comparison:

Uploaded by SimmyUK, Simmy states:

‘Population is well over 300,000, with 150,000 commercial jobs and just under 1000 tech jobs. There is a very good mass transit system my city. The entire city is covered by an underground subway system. New York has very good Health and Education systems and there is plenty for my sims to do to relax’.

If we were going to create a Edushi style maps the easiest way would be perhaps to model in 3D Max and then import into Sim City to get that all important ‘Sim City look’…


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