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3D plugins, browsers and languages come and go, Virtual Reality Modelling Language (VRML) rode a wave of hype only to suffer as a result of being before its time. Viewpoint, our personal favorite of a few years ago, rode a similar wave attracting a strong community of developers before rather foolishly locking them out unless they purchased a license key and now we have Papervision.

Papervision is different, it has potential and may indeed bring to fruition the vision of a 3D Web that went before it in the VRML days. The key to Papervision is its open source nature and its integration with Flash, a plugin that to be honest is no longer a plugin but an essential component of many websites

The movie below showcases Papervision to date:

The engine entered public beta in July 2007 with a number of tutorials and demos emerging online at an ever increasing pace.

The focus on Flash is to be welcomed, perhaps 2008 will be the year of the 3D Web?

See the Papervision Wiki for full details, tutorials and demos.

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  • Nice showreel!

    If interested in photographic panoramas and Papervision, you might check out our “PanoSalado”, which is an open source set of libraries for making 360° presentations. See link attached.



    (I was grooving on your iPhone timelapse, then started poking around 🙂

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