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Eight days without a post! We offer our apologies for the information black hole which was due to a) time and b) a lack of Internet connection in Hong Kong.

All is not lost however we have a series of posts ready to be written with news on Microsoft’s Virtual Earth, XBox 360 and Virtual Earth, Crysis – Importing Architecture, Web 2.0 and the Long Tail, MS Points linking into Web 2.0, Valve’s City 17 and finally Automatic Architecture.

We also have a longer post with thoughts and comments from Mike Goodchild on Web 2.0 – its been a good week at the International Conference on Virtual Geographic Environments at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Sadly the promised HDR tutorial failed to materialise due to skyline being shrouded in mist for most our visit. The tutorial will appear, probably soon after London has its next sunny day.

Full blog posts resume tomorrow….

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