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Our partner blog ‘World Worst Urban‘ suffered a minor setback this morning when we accidentally clicked ‘update template’ without any sort of back up.

As such our morning has been spent getting at least a temporary version back up and running – and with it comes a new look – the header and logo is yet to be decided so any thoughts are welcome. The current one is merely temporary.

Which got us thinking, digital urban is over due a similar revamp, we kind of like the layout on Worlds Worst Urban and are thinking about porting it over – such as the location of the recent comments etc. Any thoughts on a revamp of digital urban really are most welcome….

Btw – various comments around the web seem to of got the wrong idea on the Worlds Worst Urban Places and Spaces book – its a ‘tongue in cheek’ look at the worlds urban planning and architectural disasters. Its not a negative view of the world by any means, in many ways its a celebration of what is a bit grim in our urban environment – maybe its a London thing to appreciate the urban space around us that is slightly rubbish?

We will be featuring some of the recent contributions in the coming weeks – thanks to all those who have contributed so far and keep adding them to our Flick Pool 🙂


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