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Selling real estate from plot is visualisation intensive, the 3D urban visualisation acts as the marketing movie for the development.

As such the levels of investment made in such animations are notable, allowing highly polished and therefore cutting edge animations. Styles vary according to the target demographic with funky city apartments receiving a different treatment to your typical family orientated development.

Hyland Village is an example of marketing a new life style and neighborhood unit. Built by McStain Neighborhoods, a Colorado developer and homebuilder, Hyland Village aims to offer (note marketing speak):

a vibrant alternative to typical suburban neighborhoods. Imagine leaving your car in the garage for a whole weekend. Here, you’ll be able to walk to the boutiques and services on Main Street, to the neighborhood pool and community center, to the charming parks, and to the miles of trails along the Farmers’ High Line Canal. And as you’re walking, you can revel in the details of traditional neighborhood design: front porches, quaint tree-lined streets, architectural variety, tucked-away alleys and inspired street scenes.

We were impressed by the visualisation, its a nice compact 3 minute movie that does its best to provide a feel of the development…

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