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Garmin is the market leader in GPS devices, its GPS based hardware is well respected in the industry and now they are entering the mobile phone market.

The ‘Nuvifone’ seems to take on the iPhone with its touch screen navigation and adds the all important GPS capability.

Garmin view the phone as ‘the ultimate multi-tasker’ and the “first of its kind to integrate premium 3.5G mobile phone capability with an internet browser, data connectivity, personal messaging, and personal navigation functions in one device.”

The Nokia N95 was the first to mass market GPS with its built in functionality but with a slow fix time and a slightly ‘clunky’ interface it has fallen out of favour, at least with us, as it is too cumbersome to use.

Of note is the built in ability to geotag images and upload to services such as Flickr via either 3G or Wifi.

With the respected name of Garmin behind the phone we are expecting good things from the GPS – this could be the ultimate Neogeographers phone?

Release is due in the third quarter of 2008, full details can be found via the Garmin page.

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