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London Profiler is a web site that enables users to build up a picture of the geo-demographics of Greater London from data on population attributes such as cultural/ethnicity, deprivation, the extent of e-literacy, level of higher education, and health related problems together with the synthetic free geodemographic classifications available in the UK.

The site allows users to visualise themes at different scales, to search by postcode or zoom at borough level, to change the layer’s transparency and to add KML layers.

Developed by our lab (CASA) we are slightly biased here but we think its a great use of Google Maps combined with more traditional GIS data that would not normally be available online in such an easy to use interface.

We will have more on the concept in the coming weeks with the launch of a new mapping website, can’t say too much at the moment but more news soon as we can…

Take the London Profiler for a spin at


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