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Posts have been sparse for the last week as we have had our heads down writing the booklet for the forthcoming Digital Geography in a Web 2.0 World Conference.

Taking place next Wednesday – Feb 20th you can still register for the event taking place in the Barbican Cinema, London (its free!).

The booklet, currently running at 60 pages, covers a series of tutorials and info on the Digital Earth, Panoramas, Second Life and Neogeogrpahy as a whole. We will have 100 free copies available on the day and if we have enough left over a few to give away on the blog.

It also acts as a preview of the forthcoming Digital Urban book…

Suffice to say posts will be back and digital urban will have a new look soon as we can get time to tweak the template.

So if your into Digital Cities, Google Maps, Google Earth & Second Life, the Barbican, Cinema 2 on Wednesday 20th Feb is the place to be.


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