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We have been holding off on writing the tutorial on how to import objects into Crysis as a new release of the development kit was due and with it various changes that would of made our current method obsolete.

Crytek have just released an official update and we are currently putting it through its paces in the office, once we have a final import path confirmed we will put a full tutorial online. Till then embedded below is the movie shown at the Barbican, Cinema 2, London as part of our talk on Digital Geography and Web 2.0:

We should have some news on how the update changes importing objects for architectural visualisation in the next couple of days.


  • Gorlak says:

    Fantastic work guys! I’ve been interested in using game engines for visualisation for a while but never really got on with HL2 and Oblivion. Crysis is looking set to change that rather nicely – well, more like you guys are looking to change that!

    Can’t wait for the walkthrough! Hopefully, it’ll be just in time for my Thesis Project final reviews!Khorne

  • holgster says:

    Looking forward to the tutorial!

    Maybe it’s also interesting to explore the path to Crysis through the xsi-modtool, which is free. As opposed to the route via 3ds-max.
    Sketchup(pro) can export to .xsi, so that would be the ideal path I think.

  • Andy says:

    We are looking at the xsi-mod tool at the moment, so far there are a few issues to iron out, mainly with a limit on the number of textures on any single object.

    Its proving problematic but ‘flatten texture’ maybe a way around things.

    We will have an update soon as can…

  • Anonymous says:

    thats look’s amazing. Any chance of you release a version of this for the crysis world? Cheers

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