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Dubai is possibly the most exciting city in the world at the moment for innovative architecture and the Da Vinci Tower is a leading example. Each floor of the building is independent allowing free movement, which as states will allow the building to be constantly in motion changing its shape and therefore will be able to generate electric energy for itself as well as for other buildings.

Forty-eight wind turbines fitted between each rotating floors as well as the solar panels positioned on the roof of the building will produce energy from wind and the sunlight, with no pollution. The total energy produced by this inbuilt ‘powerhouse’ every year will be worth approximately seven million dollars.

The movie below provides a look at the Da Vinci Tower – it kicks in past the 40 second mark:

Each floor will rotate a maximum of one full rotation in 90 minutes and with completion estimated for 2009 due to its ‘factory built construction’ – see 4min 50s into the movie for the visualisations – it is this level of innovation that is making Dubai the city to watch over the next few years.


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