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The second in what is looking like a series of posts on 3D Agent Based Modelling in cities – in short on placing crowd, pedestrian and transport behavior into 3D models.

Yesterday’s post covered our first steps, developing ‘Ant Like’ behaviors on a surface, our next movie displays a degree of intelligence in our agents:

The agents are now aware of the environment around them and each other, as such they avoid collisions while wandering around the surface. As we mentioned this is ‘first step’ work and we are aware that there are advanced crowd simulations out there. We are taking a slightly different approach and as ever with the blog we will write a tutorial on the system soon as its more advanced.

It would be interesting to hear any thoughts on this line of posts and if you would like to know more about agents take a look at

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  • asolitarywave says:

    interesting stuff. I wonder how it works if the buildings are bigger – ie the space between them is smaller (more like an actual streetscape) As is often the case with these things, you seem to be getting a vibrate function when two agents get to close to each other, as they cross thresholds, react, cross thresholds again. The other barrier to realistic behaviour is that the agents often seem to double back on themselves – humans, cars etc don’t do 180 degree turns very often…

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