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Slightly short notice on this one but we are at the Science Museum, London, tonight showing aspects of the Virtual London model and talking about its use in visualising local climate change.

Located at the ‘Dana’ Centre the full info for tonight is as follows:

Dramatic temperature changes, sudden rainfall and rapid changes in pollutant levels – our cities’ climates are becoming more and more difficult to predict. Architects and planners are faced with increasingly complex and uncertain information when shaping tomorrow’s cities. Does this mean there should be a radical rethink of how we develop urban space?

Join architect Nate Kolbe from the Superfusionlab practice as he shows off their ‘Snow City’ installation, a conceptual 3D model of London under deep snow. This extreme example serves as a starting point as we explore how climate catastrophes could affect cities, and what city builders and planners need to do to prepare.

Have your say with Geoff Darch as he talks about transport strategies to deal with flash floods or water shortages. And experts from the Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis (thats us) will demonstrate computer models of London under water.

Come and give your opinion on what should be considered when designing the cities we live in…

This event is part of the London Festival of Architecture.

Event organised by:
The Science Museum

The event is free – Call 020 7942 4040 to book

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