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The trailer below is for CITIES XL – a new city game from the makers of City Life, Monte Cristo. The faq provides an insight into the game:

CITIES XL™ is a brand new take on the city-building genre. CITIES XL™ will expand upon all the features that make city builders fun – such as shaping cities, managing the economy and caring for the needs of city inhabitants. Players can also take their game online and interact with thousands of others on massive persistent planets.

Of note for anyone interested in city modelling is a 10 minute movie on their ‘buildings’ section of the website providing a walkthrough of how the development team create the cities 3d models.

CITIES XL is scheduled for release first quarter of 2009 with online play based around the development of a new planet allowing community members to:

Build cities in a virtual world populated by other subscribers, allowing the creation of a living online community;

Trade with others, specialize a city in specific activities such as tourism, entertainment, business development, recycling management and more;

Visit other cities and host events for others to attend and enjoy;

Cooperatively create a booming metropolis teeming with life and businesses;

Participate in competitions and enjoy a calendar of events that will keep you coming back to your planet;

Share your in-game experience with friends through a companion community website.

We for one are looking forward to it, you can keep up to date with the developments and have your say on features of the game at the CITIES XL website.

Thanks to eAi for mentioning the game in a comment to our post on SimCity Creator: 3D Flythrough of Cities

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