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The movie above is entitled ‘London in Summer’ we have increased our capture rate to 1 frame every 5 seconds and self encoded the movie to .flv format while we wait for our Vimeo allowance to update.

Moving to 5 frames per second allows for a smoother timelapse although it notably increases processing time to create the movie. Things to watch out for are a rainbow after the clearance of one of the many showers and planes across the London skyline just after dusk.

Music by Ghostlight via

You can download a high definition (1280×720 pixel) version in .mov format (150Mb).


  • Anonymous says:

    Is there any chance of repositioning the camera slightly, to get that anoying TV aerial out of the corner of the frame?

  • Steven says:

    guess all of that stuff was blowing down to Hop Farm in Kent where I was standing in the freezing rain at the HP Festival.

    No rainbow there though

  • Justin says:

    Any update on the timelapse tutorial?

  • I really love these high-res films. I’m planning something similar based in a garden and would like to know a bit more about your set-up.

    Do you use any scripts at all process the captured images, or is it something you do manually instead?


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