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We all knew it was coming but never the less the step by Google into the world currently dominated by Second Life is an intriguing move.

Known as ‘Lively’ the video below provides a way of introduction:

The system includes the ability to build your own rooms and places ready for customising via a range of 3d objects. At the moment there is no mention of importing your own objects but we would expect a link with Google SketchUp and the 3D Warehouse to be made opening up a wealth of possibilities for visualisation.

Our second movie provides more of an insight, illustrating the crew having their first meet up in Lively:

There is no word on a Mac friendly version yet, Lively requires Windows Vista/XP with Internet Explorer or Firefox. Available free of charge it has the potential to give other virtual world systems a run for their money. We expect a level of social flocking over the next few months over to Lively and it’ll be interesting to see how it develops.

We will have more on Lively in future posts.

See for full details.

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