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Google Labs new beta virtual world system ‘Lively’ is off to an inauspicious start if users experiences and the types of rooms being created are any guide. The most popular room at the moment is showing sex movies with other sex rooms not far behind in terms of popularity – something which is slightly disconcerting with the ‘cartoon’ look of the avatars.

A number of users are also unable to join rooms and the keyboard navigation keys seem to be mapped back to front. We know it’s a beta but at the moment it doesn’t seem to be in the same league as other Google products.

Once the ‘joining rooms’ issue is fixed we will have some more thoughts…


  • Agreed. It’s a great idea but with a disatrously executed launch. I’ve been trying to log in to it for two days and despite having left a gaggle of comments on the help pages (amongst hundreds of others) Google don’t seem willing to respond or help out.

    Why did they release it when it clearly isn’t ready yet? Shame, ‘cos this could be enormously fun to use.

  • Anonymous says:

    To get past the joining rooms bug you need to sign into ( link in top right ) with your google id as well as signing in with through the flash app. Seems a bit over the top.

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