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The current edition of Cluster has been created in collaboration with the XXIII UIA World Congress of Architecture 2008

The XXIII edition of the Congress was held in Torino, for the first time in an Italian city. Hence the current issue of Cluster magazine is “Transmitting Architecture”, sharing the same theme as the UIA World Congress.

It is a really nice publication and well worth picking up. It features a write up on digital urban ‘a research blog that goes beyond the confines of the common’:

‘Digital Urban is a blog dedicated to research which is edited and almost entirely written by Dr. Andrew Hudson-Smith, as a semi-independent strand of research under CASA, the Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis at University College London….Its cultural roots are a blend of archaeology, architecture, cartography, geography, planning, remote sensing and geomatic engineering: a rare mix, especially when it comes to the clarity of the research results published’

Kind words and much appreciated…

Mike Batty of CASA has an article on Generating Cities from the Bottom-Up: Using Complexity Theory for Effective Design.

See Cluster for how to get hold of a copy.

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