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A Virtual Stonehenge Landscape from Wessex Archaeology on Vimeo.

Its not urban but is so nice that its worth making an exception to look at the results of a LiDAR survey around the area of Stonehenge.Prehistoric burial mounds (barrows), the great Cursus (a 2km Neolithic monument), the Bronze Age Avenue which links Stonehenge to the River Avon, and other henges such as Woodhenge and Durrington Walls are all clearly visible.

The movie was produced by Tom Goskar from Wessex Archaeology

To find out more technical information about the survey, visit the Stonehenge LiDAR section of the English Heritage website.

See Tom’s blog entry for more information.


  • Lothar Nico says:

    Nice One !!! For me the advantage of Lidar on Larger Site is that can be cheaper than ground based methods and most of all the data is can be collected in a very short time. It will make the job easier.

  • Lothar Nico says:

    Yeah … it’s good and nice. Well, that’s the advantage of a lidar survey. This show’s how lidar survey is important to us. Good job !!!

  • Joseph Tigol says:

    Your right.. its clearly visible. Hmmm I wonder what if there is no such thing like Lidar Technology? What other methods can we use? Lidar Survey has great results and anyway, may I know what country is that?

  • It’s been weeks since I started making a research about Lidar Technology and I find it really nice and such a big help into this modern world. It helps a certain project achives it fullest success in getting important information especially in mapping and sensing. Plus on what I see now in the video, whew… ohh Lidar .. you’re a hero.

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  • Lidary Boy says:

    Lidar Survey is one of the best way to get best result for a certain project or gathering information. Hope you can add this post about Lidar Survey.

  • John Lidar says:

    Lidar Technology is best for survey because of it’s advantages like Higher Accuracy, Fast acquisition and processing, Minimum human dependence, weather/Light independence, Canopy penetration and higher data density.

  • Its clear and honestly that could be one of the best way to do a survey. Lidar Technology really evolves and has a lot of advantage. Thanks for posting this one.

  • editha says:

    Lidar will always be my favorite topic. Maybe for the reason that Lidar is what my thesis for this time. Anyway thank you for this post.

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