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Worlds within Worlds: Using Panoramas for Sense of Location and Place from digitalurban on Vimeo.

Embedding panoramas in a x/y/z space allows movies to be created where the camera automatically pans around a scene. Panoramas are traditionally interactive, thus all our output via this blog is available in Quicktime Virtual Reality.

However, if you are going to display panoramas in a stand alone location, such as the front of an office or marketing suite, a movie is more suitable and thus the requirement to move panoramas into a 3D package.

If you expand this concept and embed panoramas within panoramas you can create ‘worlds within worlds’, as illustrated in the movie above.

This allows a series of panoramas to be embedded within a ‘holding’ scene and presents a looping movie suitable for large displays. The movie is just a concept but perhaps one that would work in a marketing suite or on display (?)

The movie developed the original concept embedded below illustrating London Churches in 3D space via 3D Studio Max:

Panoramic London Churches – HD from digitalurban on Vimeo.

The original movie is perhaps a better example than the ‘Worlds within Worlds’ concept – not sure – thats the thing with concept movies your never quite sure if they work….

Both movies can be viewed in High Definition by clicking on the HD icon.

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