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At the moment we have two geographic surveys running with the BBC. Embedded below is the BBC Manchester Congestion Charge Survey:

Thanks go to our funders on the project – the National Centre for e-Social Science at Manchester University for setting this one up. Its nice to see maps used as part of a news item, MapTube was developed as part of our GeoVue grant at CASA (home of digital urban) to develop a free and easy way to share, mix and match professional maps online via the Google Maps interface.

Secondly Radio 4’s PM show is running an update to their Credit Crunch Survey – see the iPM post Credit Crunch: The return of the map.

Finally, although not a survey, MapTube also has a new map online detailing the money invested by UK councils following the collapse of the Icelandic banks.

View the Iceland Banks Money Invested Map

Take part in the BBC Radio 4 Credit Crunch Survey.

Have your say on the Manchester Congestion Charge via BBC North West.

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