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MxR Architecture from Daniel Belcher on Vimeo.

The movie above details ‘MxR Architecture’ a mix of physical and virtual models together in a single interface.

Using Mixed Reality, virtual models can be superimposed over real models in real-time, allowing the designer/user/client to make changes, simulate sun angles, run agents studies, add components as well as transition to a fully-immersive VR view at any time.

Produced by Daniel Belcher of the Design Machine Group at College of Architecture and Urban Planning. University of Washington. 2008 it is one of the best examples we have seen of using augmented reality to communicate architectural models.

We especially like the bipeds walking around on the table top, basic table top augmented reality can be great for a student project and its not as difficult as it looks – see our previous Tutorial ‘Quick and Easy Augmented Reality from SketchUp/3DMax‘ for full details. Of course to take it to the level seen in the video above takes a lot more time and dedication…

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