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The International Congress on Modelling and Simulation 2009 is in Cairns, Australia.

The congress brings together a broad spectrum of scientists who apply various mathematical modelling, simulation, statistical, engineering, spatial and computer science methodologies and skills in solving practical problems coming from a wide range of endeavours including environmental and global change modelling, water resources management, health care, biological simulation and engineering.

Of specific interest is the call for papers on Landscape Visualisation in Support of Management Decisions.

There are many tools and techniques available for visualising landscape processes and condition (existing and future). Visualisation can provide a window to complex biophysical and socio-economic models and can assist communities, industry and decision-makers better understand landscape condition and the likely impact of land management decisions.

The session will provide a forum to report and critique the latest developments and applications in landscape visualisation. Papers that describe the application and/or recent developments of landscape visualisation technologies such as digital globes, online collaborative environments, computer gaming engines, virtual reality and augmented reality are encouraged.

Possible areas of interest include: visualisation tools and techniques for exploring both natural and built landscapes under a changing climate, visualisation as a front end for complex models, and studies which evaluate the usability and usefulness of visualisation technologies for spatial decision support.

The session will be run in conjunction with ISPRS Working Groups II 6 – Geographical Visualization and Virtual Reality and WG II 7 – Spatial Decision Support Systems:

For more details email Dr Chris Pettit (

Deadline for abstracts is 28 November 2008.

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