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Over the past few weeks we have been writing about Tilt Shift photography used to create fake ‘model like’ images of the city. As such we were delighted by the book and blog ‘Little People In The City’.

Produced by the photographer Slinkachu the book depicts scenes of model people going about their everyday lives in the real city. Ranging from fending for themselves on the mean streets to simply using the cash machine the work is both innovative and charming.

The book is available via Amazon, normally priced at £10 it is currently online at £6.00 and as such is a must buy.

Take a look at for more info and also the blog

Thanks go to Fabian from (the latest blog out of CASA, home of digital urban) for putting the book on my desk…

Its a brilliant idea, now if you could merge fake tilt shift with actual little people……

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