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Below is a test to see if we can embed a live weather feed from our roof here in Central London into the blog:

If its working you should see the data update every 2 seconds. Its a quick and easy way to get live data into a page using Ajax. The layout is an updated version of the excellent original template found at

You can also view the full ‘Flash’ enabled version of our weather feed here.


  • Rich Treves says:

    Hmm, I’m sat in Camden this morning, I guess the weather station doesn’t measure snow as rain since we’ve had the most snow in London in 18 years (I think) 🙂

    Anyway, the rest of it is all very impressive.


  • Smithee says:

    I didn’t think i would need the rain guage with a heater to melt snow in Central London 🙂 So nope its not much good with the snow at the moment.

    I can see the station on the roof from here – its full of snow…

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